Saturday, 18 January 2014

Global Modern Tempted

Yes, it's that time of the month once more when I celebrate Modern Tempted in all its glory!!

This week I'm looking at Modern Tempted across the globe - not just in where their authors are based, but where the romance in the plots take place.  From roadtrips across the Australian outback to weekends in Turkey, Vietnam and Hong Kong, Modern Tempted settings are as varied as the characters who inhabit them.

Hence the map.

Possibly my biggest undertaking in a while, I have plotted each MT novel on this interactive, global map in an attempt to capture the essence of the global Mills & Boon novel.

Click on a title and it will take you straight to where the novel is set, and those that occur more than once?  That'd be because they have numerous settings.  The idea is that I'll keep updating this each month, and people can shout out if there are any missed off!

In addition to this, I also have four delightful MT offerings for you.  Next month's releases have been weighed and they have been found far from wanting, as Mills & Boon boy Neil agrees...  Click below for the links:

No Time Like Mardi Gras by Kimberly Lang

The Last Guy She Should Call by Joss Wood

Romance for Cynics by Nicola Marsh

Trouble on Her Doorstep by Nina Harrington

Actually, this month is going to be packed with Modern Tempted as Monday marks the beginning of their #TemptedToWrite contest.  I will be here every weekday with analysis of what makes the perfect Modern Tempted novel, as well as delightful giveaways...

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