Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Back in 2010 the Royal Shakespeare Company did Such Tweet Sorrow, an interactive, live version of Romeo and Juliet via Twitter.  The critics were - for the most part - divided.

I loved it.

And when I say I loved it, I mean, I LOVED it.  I presented a paper on Romeo and Juliet and the Cybertextual:  Artistic Crowdsourcing as Audience Appropriation at the 2011 Cambridge International Shakespeare Conference in which this RSC production took centrestage.

And now they're doing it again.  Midsummer Night's Dreaming (aka #dream40) is essentially a digital theatre project, where aspects of the play will be posted over Midsummer weekend, culminating in the actual wedding from the play.  Which I will be attending.

This is literally the dream.

So the RSC have teamed up with Google+ to make it happen and if- like me - you're interested in the whole shebang, follow them at

I promise you'll be in good company.

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