Saturday, 11 May 2013

Once a Coloma Girl, Always a Coloma Girl

Today was the annual reunion lunch at my old school for all old girls.

Personally, I'm not entirely certain whether I'm particularly delighted to be considered an 'old girl', however the COGA lunch is always an absolute hoot.

The food?  Absolutely lush.  I totally approve of the move to canapes as opposed to having starters:  for one, you get to eat infinitely more than you would if you had a mere plate, PLUS you get to mingle and talk whilst eating.

Plonked up on the head table today - along with our illustrious vice-chairperson Sarah Turner - I managed to polish off half a bottle of white wine whilst rubbing shoulders with Sister Sheila, MM and even my old English teacher, Marilyn Williamson!  Plus, no matter what you're doing these days, it's always weirdly surreal to return to the haunts of your school days.

So, Coloma girls, pencil Saturday 10th May in your diaries and email Madame Secretary at to get your name added to our list.  More info to be found at

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