Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Last Groom Standing, or Why Repression's Never A Good Idea...

Marnie Price’s guide to surviving the bridesmaid blues…
1. Get a new man
2. Find a new job
3. When in doubt, drink wine!

Having watched her three closest friends all find love, Southern belle Marnie Price feels as if she’s the only single girl left. Luckily she’s found a solution – one sizzling night with Dylan Brookes. This man wears a wedding tux better than anyone, but all Marnie wants to do is get beneath it!

Dylan is all about making the sensible choice, and a fling with his ex’s friend Marnie is about as far from sensible as he can get! Marnie might prove to him that taking risks is worth it, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to give up his bachelor status quite yet, does it…?

I have a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time; for being a little too impetuous and not always engaging my brain before speaking.  As well as kicking myself massively when this happens, I also find it rather humiliating to look back on those mistakes I’ve made.  So out of all the Wedding Season heroines, I think Marnie’s the one that I can identify with the most.

The argument that she has with Gina, and the ripples of discord that flood out throughout the rest of their group of friends, sets up her discomfort at the beginning of the novel.  She’s lost her job, and on top of that, has been forced to face the fact that her reaction all those years ago could have seriously ruined the lives of people she care most about.  Perhaps then it is unsurprising that she gets rip-roaring drunk – and with none other than Dylan Brookes, one of her best friends’ ex-fiancee.

Kimberly Lang highlights how repression and constant attempts to live up to an ideal can undercut reality, making it increasingly difficult for anyone to truly experience life.  Marnie’s fling highlights for her how safe and sensible she’s been being, and how fun it really is to cut loose. 

Of course, there’s the complication that Reese decides that Dylan’s company should hire Marnie – cue a very hot sex scene in an office.  Pretty much ideal situation.

It does make you ask questions of yourself – when looking at yourself and past mistakes, how do they temper the way we act or view life?  Is it right to continually punish yourself for something that happened so long ago that you can barely remember it?  As a woman, I find that my friendships with other women help mould my path and support me when I’m struggling, so I like the fact that Kimberly Lang doesn’t shy away from showing the good and bad sides of her characters.

And there’s a sweetness to her writing that makes the ending even more satisfying.

NB:  This is the final book in the Wedding Season Quartet.  I’m biased, but I personally think that y’all should go pre-order / buy each book as they’re all well-written, enchanting and sassy as hell.

Mills & Boon Boy 7:
Mark (aka The Cool One)

Reaction to Photograph Request:
A startling enthusiasm and thought went into his poses; Mark clearly relished the M&B boy role and has promised to brandish Mills & Boon books on public transport in the name of all M&B boys if required.


  1. Public transport . . . Mark is clearly a trooper! Love the M&B boys!

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