Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sex, Lies and Her Impossible Boss, or The Importance of Being Kinkpositive

“There's no such thing as 'just sex’, Cash.” 
When the new boss of Faith Harris's TV station, the famously ruthless and annoyingly gorgeous Cash Anderson, tells her he'll be canceling her sex and relationships show she knows she's in for a fight. She's worked her silk-clad butt off to get her high ratings, and no man's going to take them away from her--however hot under the collar he secretly gets her... 
But sugar's better than vinegar any day, so Faith decides to prove to Cash just how meaningful her show really is. The only trouble is, it's also rather...risque. And there was enough chemistry between them even before Faith set about proving just how riveting sex can be...
I'm all about sex positivity.

Seriously.  I think that it's an incredibly important debate and one that is often fueled by lazy misogyny.  So the premise of Sex, Lies & Her Impossible Boss immediately grabbed my attention:  an intelligent journalist, a producer who's all about the ratings and a television show that's at the centre of a big debate about sex.

It's really hard to approach this kind of topic in a serious way; so many people will denounce you for mentioning sex in public (horror of all horrors) and even authors have been pushed to drop sauciness and kink from their manuscripts due to big publishers not understanding the fact that BDSM isn't tantamount to abuse...

So when it's addressed as a light-hearted topic in a novel like this, it means that we can engage with the big issues, without being preached at or scared off.

And Jennifer Rae does this brilliantly!

In addition to this, it does help that the characters who are mediating this to are so engaging as well...  Faith is fun and determined; with an understanding and acceptance of everyone that is so wonderful to see.  And Cash is beyond dreamworthy.  An alpha male with a soft side, he matches Faith in terms of intelligence and business acumen and sensuality.

Sparks fly throughout the book - especially when Faith takes him along to see the filming of her segment - and he's really rather delicious.

Worth reading and downloading immediately.

Cue Mills & Boon boy Steve...  ;)

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