Monday, 18 November 2013

On Being a Modern Tempted Girl

I'm a Modern Tempted girl.

Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to read any Mills & Boon imprint (I'm currently reading a Medical Romance for my M&B December guestblog), but there's something about Modern Tempted that reminds me of the old school Temptation line.

I like my heroines sassy and my heroes alpha.

I like plots that aren't beyond the realm of possibility.

So imagine my delight when the Modern Tempted dream team - Flo Nicoll and Clio Cornish - asked me whether I'd like to review the books for them on a regular basis.

Obviously I barely paused, before calling them back in a flurry of delight and excitement, to accept their offer!

And as a result it is my privilege to welcome you to my first monthly Modern Tempted day.  Settle down, put your feet up and enjoy reviews, musings of a rambling nature, and this month's Mills & Boon boy.

Follow the links below for this month's books and their wonderfully lovely authors' websites:


  1. Excited to hear you're reading a medical, Alicia. Woot :-)

    1. Yeah, it's for my official monthly Mills & Boon guestblog - to coincide with the new revamped website design!

      Wham's Last Christmas video's inspired the December blog - I'm looking at themes from the video that pop up in M&B books!

  2. I totally agree with you! I think modern tempted is one of the best ranges Mills & Boon have had for ages and it's consistently challenging accepted romance fiction archetypes! I'm loving reading them because the heroines (usually) aren't helpless wet blankets and the heroes are, well, a bit more believable! It was actually your blog which got me to start reading them, so thanks!

    1. Eeeek!! Totally psyched that you started reading them because of me!! :P Thanks. :D

      Also, I love the way they challenge accepted romance fiction archetypes, as you say. There's nothing more exciting to me, than people who take the norm and invert it or make it their own. I'm a #Modern Tempted girl cos I want a career and love, and that's what those girls want too! :)

    2. I totally agree, I love the trend that seems to be emerging for giving heroines more varied careers and even more having heroes that encourage them to keep said careers, instead of stealing them away to their private, billionaire, love island...although I do love them too ;-)

    3. There's nothing quite like a private, billionaire, love island...but I like Modern Tempted best. You should try Jessica Hart's "Hitched!" which has a civil engineer for a heroine!!