Thursday, 28 February 2013

Latin Chick Lit

So, my brother returned home from school this afternoon and wanted to show me his Latin homework - some translation thing.

I reproduce here - verbatim - what he had written down.

“My dove,” he said.  “Why are you crying?”

  “I cry because I am sad,” the slave-girl replied to the cook.  “I work through the whole day.  How tired I am!  Now it is necessary for me to prepare the whole bedroom.  I am not able to work any longer.”

  “My dove, don’t cry!” said Volubis.  “I am able to prepare the bedroom for you.”

  “Volubis, how kind you are,” whispered the slave-girl.

  The cook returned to the bedroom with the slave girl.  He carefully worked and made the bedroom spotless.  The slave-girl was happy.

  “My honey!” she said.  “My darling!” and she kissed him.  The cook, blushing, returned to the kitchen.


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