Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Modern Tempted Day: #TemptedToWrite

Last month was a veritable treasure trove of Modern Tempted goodness.

With the announcement of the #TemptedToWrite competition came excitement and much discussion of my favourite Mills & Boon imprint.  The new M&B website - which has been marvellously revamped - lends itself perfectly to blogs, and so this month's #ModernTemptedDay feature, is all about the #TemptedToWrite advice, blogs and winner!

First up was 10 things you didn't know about...Modern Tempted.  The first piece of advice given to any writer, when they say that they want to write for Mills & Boon, is to do your research.  It's absolutely vital that you read up and know the imprint you want to write for.

For example, did you know that 30% of authors signed to Modern Tempted were discovered through competitions?!

And then there are the experts...

Flo Nicoll's an editor for Modern Tempted, so listening to what she has has to say about characterisation, plot twists and the authorial voice is probably a good idea.

Plus, she highlights the need for strong, sassy heroines.

Then there was the winning entry...  Kara Marshall's fantastic Law and Disorder tells the story of a police sergeant, and the man she bumps into.

I love the fact that it's the woman who's the law enforcer, as opposed to the man, who's a seriously hunky doctor.  It's funny and sweet and just the right amount of sexy.

Check out my interview with Kara...

And the judges:  Charlotte Phillips talks about what it was that she, Joss Wood and Heidi Rice - all published Modern Tempted authors - were looking for.  And of course, what it was that made Kara's submission stand out!

If you're looking for Modern Tempted books to get stuck into, this months offerings are pretty marvellous:


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