Monday, 5 May 2014

Flirting with the Forbidden, or Dyslexia and Romance

He can look…but he's not supposed to touch!

Bodyguard Noah Fraser hasn't seen diamond heiress Morgan Moreau for eight years—but the image of her naked body has been imprinted on his mind ever since! The sexy socialite was totally off-limits and it took every ounce of Noah's iron control to walk away….

Now he's been hired to protect her again, so picking up where they left off definitely isn't an option. But Noah's body doesn't seem to have got the memo—keeping his hands off Morgan is a 24/7 battle! And how can he resist the forbidden when giving in is so irresistibly tempting…?

Joss Wood is one of my favourite writers for a reason; her writing's funny and smart, and she doesn't shy away from dealing with issues.  And it's this that makes Flirting with the Forbidden stand out.

Morgan has dyslexia.

And the key thing is, is that dyslexia's not just thrown at Morgan for the sake of it.  She's struggled all her life with the condition, but it's at the opening of the novel, where her family need to her to put her jewellery designing aside for a short while and help plan a large event, that it comes into the forefront.

She gets no choice in the matter - it's been decided already - and no-one stops to think about how this is going to affect her.  From the moment she realises, she's besieged with fears of failing.  The reason that she usually keeps out of the family spotlight is to avoid situations such as this.

And then on top of this there've been threats of violence and Noah Fraser - the man who turned her down eight years ago - as been appointed to work as her bodyguard.

The sweetest part of this, for me, is the way that Noah picks up on her nervousness and understands her fears in a way her family can't even begin to.  It's that which is the basis for a deeper connection.  Plus he's hot.  Really hot.  And the chemistry between them doesn't seemed to have lessened in the eight years since they've last seen each other.

Talking to Joss, she's said that this is one of her favourite novels, and it's easy to see why.  The characters are relatable and human, and we can't help but fall in love with them falling in love each other.

Mills & Boon boy Anthony was addicted!!

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