Monday, 5 May 2014

One Night with Her Ex, or Revisiting the Guy You Left Behind

Can you honestly say you don't want me?

Lily Montgomery finds the perfect antidote to an anticlimactic New Year's Eve: a hot, up-against-the-door one-night stand with a sexy millionaire. Trouble is, the man in question is Kit, the ex-husband she's spent five years getting over.

For Kit Buchanan, the past few years have been hellish! He's conquered the business world, but when it comes to the bedroom he's had the mother of all dry spells. Clearly he needs to get Lily out of his system once and for all!

But one supercharged night later, Kit's not so sure. After all, why move on when he's having so much fun where he is?

Exes.  They can cause so much stress and heartbreak, mess with your head, and in the case of Lily and Kit, really screw up your sex life.

Lucy King's One Night with Her Ex looks at what happens when closure comes in the form of a one night stand with your ex.

I think the thing that makes this Ex Factor story (haha! puns!) stand out for me, is the fact that the characters really haven't got over each other.  Lilly's consciously been struggling with the end of their relationship, whilst Kit has been struggling with his inability to perform in the bedroom.

So when Kit turns up on her doorstep, the intention is to have sex.  Instead of fighting the attraction they have for each other - which is so often the case with second chance love stories, they throw themselves into one hot and steamy night.  Of course, the next morning, they start to wonder whether it's worth just continuing...after all, mindblowing sex is mindblowing sex...

King cleverly inverts some common tropes - Kit hasn't had sex at all since their split, whilst Lily's had a number of short-term relationships and flings - and then there's the split itself.

It's interesting to see how each of the character approach the reasons they split differently, and then to see them overcome these differences.  There is a balance where blame is put to one side and they take responsibility for their own roles in the breakdown.

And by the end, you're longing for them to get that second Happy Ever After...

Anthony, our Mills & Boon boy, opened the book right to the reconciliatory sex scene - as can be guessed from his face!!

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