Monday, 5 May 2014

Her Client From Hell, or Why Cassie's Mistakes Make Her Loveable

Her customer satisfaction guarantee!

Cassie Sweet has a new mantra in her life: Failure Is Not an Option! Her good-for-nothing ex may have run off with all her money, but she's determined to make her new catering business a success. So no distractions. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Which means her infuriatingly rude (and exasperatingly handsome!) new client, filmmaker Jack Brenner, is definitely off the menu!

After all, while the customer may always be right, Jack's clearly every shade of wrong! So when his clothes end up on her bedroom floor, why do they look so right? And the biggest question of all: Is this a recipe for disaster—or the best mistake of her life?
Louisa George's very first Modern Termpted (Backstage with Her Ex) persuaded me that she should abandon Medical for Modern Tempted, and - though that hasn't quite happened - I'm so pleased to see that she's returned with Her Client from Hell.

And, in addition to this being utterly charming, it's also a duo book!  We were originally introduced to Cassie as Sasha's younger sister in Backstage with her Ex and her sassiness immediately made her likeable, so I was delighted to seeher get her own book.

And what a book!  I love the fact that Cassie's life has gone to pot (as a plot point, not because she deserves it) because it means that we get to see the grit and determination in her.  Her independence and her refusal to take any help from her rockstar brother-in-law makes her all the more likeable.  So when she meets Jack, who can't help but adore her, sparks end up flying.

More than anything, this is a novel about breaking down walls; both Jack and Cassie end up getting through to each other, whilst continually trying to protect themselves.

I found Cassie to be a particularly likeable character - as the youngest, she's used to everyone trying to interfere and "help" her in life.  She's fed up of being pigeonholed as the impetuous one who always makes bad choices, and so she's trying to prove herself.  Anyone who's made a mistake in the past, and has it brought up continuously, will understand her plight.

And that passion is easily transferable into her scenes with jack, which are steamy and deliciously sizzling.  As a hero, he's stubborn and up tight, and so it's so fun to see him unwind!

And our Mills & Boon boy Anthony agreed!

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