Saturday, 27 April 2013

Going Cold Turkey

For the last week, I've had no internet at home.  As I mentioned in my last post, lightening struck our telephone pole and fried the modem.

This has almost killed me.

When you think about it, we've come to rely so much on technology - for communication, for networking and for general entertainment.  No internet for me meant no blogging (ARGH - I've got such a backlog it's insane), no Made in Chelsea (my parents won't watch it, and without catch-up I was left drifting in an uncertain world where I knew that Spencer and Louise were going to break up, but I was left guessing as to the details), no Masterchef (DISASTER!!!) and a distinct lack of my new favourite show, Girls.

How have I compensated for this?  How did I cope?

To be perfectly honest, part o me was fine - I was down at the bf's last weekend, so I was able to check all my emails and stuff then - but the other, slightly geekier side of me almost went into meltdown.  I read so many good things last week, wanted to blog about and research so may of them, but had to put it on hold.  Not impressed with that.

Nonetheless, I am relieved to have returned to your midst and will - I pledge - blog ferocously over the next week to make up for my absence.

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