Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Calamity L

My sister, better known to many as 'Calamity', is the source of much amusement in my house.  I adore her, but no matter where she goes she manages to end up in some calamitous situation.

For example, on Pancake Day this year she managed to get her foot stuck in the oven handle - no we don't know how she did this either - and her friends had to grease her foot with butter in order to free her.

Or whilst out in the depths of Croydon last Saturday, she tripped whilst coming down some stairs, grabbed at the nearest thing, and ripped the shirt off some poor, unsuspecting male.

What I truly love about her, however, is the fact that she is not ashamed or embarrassed about her ability to cause chaos wherever she goes; rather she embraces it.  She'll go flying in a Buston Keaton fall, and kill herself laughing after; she'll cheerfully tell us about the time she almost unwittingly burnt down our local library when she walked, trouser leg aflame; or go to the bathroom, not lock the door, have some poor woman walk in with L full on naked due to the fact that she's wearing a backless jumpsuit, and just come back and tell us all about it after.

I know that there's some point in the future when she'll regret saying I can write this post - possibly when I point her future spouse in this direction - but all I can really say is:  L, you're a legend.

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