Friday, 5 April 2013

To the networking gods

I am aware that I have been a little lax in posting recently. I would, however, like to highlight the fact that I have some very interesting ones coming up:
- a post exploring the pros and cons of hosiery, with a section or where best to purchase affordable but good quality stockings;
- a post about my sister L, and her uncanny ability to cause calamity (aka the oven and the foot story);
- a post bewailing the fact that it took me nearly 25 years to read a Neil Gaiman book;
- and some poetry.
In other news I have become unstuck on my own novel (incredibly tentatively entitled 'Unbridled Passion in Tucson Hills - and no that most definitely is a working title) and have embarked upon writing a scene of such unbridled passion that I am sure that the Catholic in me will carry me off to confession as soon as it's done.
I have also once more delved wholeheartedly into the world of Regency romances - check out the delightful Sophie Barnes - and have every intention of failing to write a historical romance in short story form after UPiTH.

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