Wednesday, 14 August 2013

How to Colonise a Bookshelf

It's all about starting small.  Just the odd book.  The mini paperbacks work best because they're not obtrusive and then BOOM!  Vintage Mills & Boon books snuck into a hardcore Catholic household.

Note the collection of vintage Mills & Boon books - just to the right of my Studio 60 DVD.
And as for my boyfriend's bookshelf - laden down as it is with thrillers and Sharpe (and a surprisingly large collection of Italian dictionaries) - there is still a corner for some of my books.  He made a space himself.  And every time we pop down to the beach, I drag him inside a tiny charity shop which has a surprisingly good collection of M&B.  And my space on his bookshelf is growing.

Second shelf, far right.  Mainly early 00s editions, with a Katie Fforde book on top.
Do I have too many?  Very probably.  Shall I get rid of them?  No.  Chris is just grateful that I have a Kindle; not that that'll stop me.


  1. this is inspired... Have been trying for years to take over my OH's crime thriller bookshelf.. Now I have a cunning plan. thanks

    1. Haha! No problem; it's a slow process so don't be put off if it takes some time... Start by casually popping one on top of some of his books, saying you'll move it later and then when you go to move it tidy up, slide it on to the shelf and BOOM! Colonisation begun. ;)

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