Monday, 18 November 2013

Beware of the Boss, or What to Do When Faced with the Demolition of Your Dreams

The man behind the pinstripes!

Lanie Smith’s boss might look heavenly in a suit, but she’s being run ragged by Grayson Manning’s outrageous demands! Dog-sitting, clothes-shopping…there’s nothing he won’t ask her to do! (Luckily she’s spent enough time checking out Gray’s broad shoulders that guessing his shirt size isn’t a problem…) 

The final straw? Being ordered to drop everything for a business trip to Vietnam. But one completely unexpected and completely magical kiss later Lanie’s finally forced to admit the truth – that their super-charged battle of wills hides a much more dangerous attraction…!

Lanie’s looking for a job after having her dreams dashed, and so she goes for a role with the boss from hell.  Gray is so wrapped up in his own world that he barely registers his new secretary when he passes her on the beach every morning.

What seems central to the novel, is Lanie’s own journey – to the extent that the romance (however lushly satisfying) seems almost secondary.  There are times in life – for all of us – when carefully laid plans fall apart.  No matter how hard you plot out your future journey, there are always things that get in the way, or even fail to help.

And Lanie’s story explores the idea that sometimes you’re never going to quite achieve what you wanted.  And that’s a terrifying concept – and one that’s sensitively and cunningly explored.  Restarting is the scariest thing – but often can help you look at the world anew.

So Lanie starts again, taking a role she knows very little about, and learns how to let herself have fun, let go and enjoy what life throws at her.  And when life throws Gray into her path, well, who wouldn’t be thankful?  ;)

I love Leah Ashton’s premise and the way she reworks the boss/secretary trope.  Her characters are far from two dimensional, and if I’m bluntly honest, the suited Gray made me melt.  A lot.

The November Mills & Boon Boy: 
Connor (aka The Catch) 

Reaction to Photograph Request: 
Ever the gentleman, Connor offered to pose immediately, and in whatever position required.

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