Monday, 18 November 2013

The Most Expensive Night of Her Life, or BOOM! go our Preconceptions

Her million-pound question!

Supermodel Ava Kelly is more used to luxury yachts than London canal boats. But she desperately needs a refuge from the paparazzi and delectable Blake Walker’s boat will provide the perfect bolt-hole. This brooding ex-soldier is bound to rescue her, right…? Wrong.

Pampered princess Ava is the last person Blake wants in his personal space – she’s far too tempting! But with a million-pound charity donation hanging in the balance Blake can’t say no. Now that Ava’s close enough to touch, keeping his hands off her is pretty difficult too!

Maybe money isn’t the only thing at stake this Christmas…

I’m the Chick Lit and Erotica reporter (read obsessive) for a feminist webzine, and so I‘m always really interested in how women are portrayed in romance novels (Modern Tempted heroines always being of the driven, sassy and awesome type).  But it’s always good when someone challenges the archetypical male hero stereotype.

Amy Andrews does just this in The Most Expensive Night of Her Life.  Her very alpha male hero (ex-army - *swoon*; rugged - *swoon*) is also an amputee.  But more astonishing than her embracing of an alpha male hero who is different than what today’s society demands of the alpha male, is the fact that it’s not a big deal.  Blake is who he is, and Andrews spends more time dealing with the emotional consequences of his injury than the injury itself.

Blake aside (though just how one puts to one side such a delicious specimen of a man is beyond me), Ava is as sassy as we’d expect.  Refusing to be put in a corner, and confounding Blake’s and our expectations at every turn, she’s a refreshing take on media’s portrayal of models.

She eats with an enthusiasm that delights the Italian in me; she faces fear with backbone; and she seduces Blake in a way that practically makes words sizzle on the page.

Andrews has done it again – a great read which refuses to give in to our expectations (aside from a truly satiating HEA)!

The November Mills & Boon Boy: 
Connor (aka The Catch) 

Reaction to Photograph Request: 
Ever the gentleman, Connor offered to pose immediately, and in whatever position required.


  1. I love Connor's pose and how willing he was to assume it :-) I especially love the way the sunlight slants in - very romantic :-)

    1. Yeah, it also seems that whenever my mates open an M&B book for their pose, it almost always falls to a saucy bit... I wonder why? :P