Sunday, 10 March 2013

Food and sensuality

There's something quite sensual about good food. I simply can't help myself...when I eat really good food (generally bacon sandwiches) I show my appreciation vocally.

This has been dubbed - to my genuine embarrassment - as a foodgasm.

But it does raise an interesting point for discussion. What is it about food that can be seen as erotic? And which of this work best within a literary context?

There's the standard eating food off a lover's body, but if I'm entirely honest, if you read this it just turns to porn...whereas I'm a fan of what I've dubbed the M&S style food scene.

In Marks and Spencer food adverts the emphasis is always on the food itself, the way it evokes erotic images and makes us think of other things.

I'd like to see a little more of this kind of use of food. When you're attracted to someone even the most mundane, everyday things become charged with sexual tension; and what better to do this with than delicious food?!

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  1. Ali if you like food in books try the book I just Finished on Kindle The Guestbook by Andrea Hurst. Every page full of food related joy...its quite hard to read as a result as it doesnt flow!