Saturday, 2 March 2013

How does one hit 24 without having seen 'Titanic'?

I have never seen Titanic.  Or at least I hadn't before Cath sat me down earier this evening and we watched it.

It was a bizarre experience.  I hadn't watched it when it came out - mainly due to only being 9 at the time, and my mum heartily disapproving of letting little kids watch the car scene.  Understandably.  But I don't know how it is I never saw it as I got older.  At some sleepover, or a movie marathon at university.  I even bought it on dvd, but just couldn't face watching it alone.

The last time I watched a weepy film alone, it was The Noebook, and my poor cousin walked in to find me utterly distraught, crying into a cushion.  He thought someone had died.

It's also weird watching a film where you know what happens - even though you've never been there before.  I knew about the car scene, the ending, even the portrait, but there were little things that were new to me.  Just like SPOILER FOR THOSE WHO - LIKE ME UP TO YESTERDAY - HAVE NEVR SEEN IT Jack's death.  For some reason, I was convinced that it was when the boat was tipping over.  Dying of cold, his hands in hers, telling her to live was utterly soul-destroying.

I cry a lot in sad films.  I'm renowned for it.  But this may even have surpassed the great crying incident of '05 when I watched Pearl Harbour for the first time.  (And yes, I know that it's not a very good film.  I also don't give a damn because it's so damn sad.)  I'd say at least a solid half an hour of crying.  Cath can probably say for certain.

Of course, I loved it.  Heartbreaking tragedy on such a personal and such an epic scale.  Even if the song is overplayed.


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