Monday, 25 March 2013

The result of spontaneity...

Apologies, dear reader, if today’s post seems a little more discombobulated than usual, but I – in a fit of spontaneity – asked Facebook for words to include. The ones I got back, though golden in their lucidity, were pretty voluminous.

Today was the first day of my new job. I was pretty excited to start actually, despite the fact that I’d previously thought that the best thing in the world would be to never have to work again. This is not true. I like working, and though I would love to work on my novel and blog all day, it’s simply not feasible when living at home as you end up being given a list of housework an odd jobs to do that take all day to complete. Short of ingratiating myself in my mother’s good graces with chocolate and tickets to Il Divo, there’s nothing for it but to work.

Having just left a school so that I could focus on my writing, it seemed bizarre to be returning to another – albeit in a different role. Now, I’d be lying if it were the mellifluous sound of students arguing, giving tit for tat, in the playground that made me smile; but smile I did.

My new colleagues are utterly lovely, the kids are not pernicious in the slightest and I was flabbergasted to note that I wasn’t actually strung out with exhaustion by the end of the day! My lunch break was filled with soup and cheese (and when I say cheese, I mean a Mills & Boon novel), and I returned home to my mum’s variation of Chicken Stroganoff, which was delicious despite the lack of saffron.

 And on returning to the voluptuous bosoms of my novel this evening, I’ve decided that all in all, this has been a most satisfactory day.

Oh yes.

Jo and Bruce? Historicisation and crevice are words that even I struggle to shoehorn into a post. Sorry!

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