Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sleepy ramblings

I write this tucked up in bed, bundled up in a million layers.

This evening's blog was supposed to be a daring exposé of the horrific exclamationitis epidemic, but I'm just too tired. I'm too tired to even watch last night's Masterchef. (By the way, Masterchef finale party? Yes, I'm looking at you. :-P)

So yes. Just too tired. Instead, some thoughts:
- I would eat a whole bowl of brussel sprouts if it meant I got to meet the lovechild of Mr Knightley and Cathy Earnshaw.
- Persuasion is severely underrated.
- A true friend'll let you try out your recipes on them like some kind of food-tasting guinea pig.
- Big bosomed doesn't mean boring bras.
- Good literature reveals more to us about ourselves, than it ever can about its own historical context.
- Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

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